Since 1995 servicing Distributors and Retail Chains Factory Direct. Over 500+ item codes from our catalog and its still growing- Leafglass
LEAFGLASS- your factory direct to your door
We have a wide collection  of Niche  Glass and wood products .  In house capability to source and manufacture  Large volumes wide products in Pyrex/ Wood and Metal. of High Quality. The Factory is equipped with a Team of of Artists and Glass Blowers  to bring you unique  products  ..right at your door. 
Right Product, Right Price , Right sourcing.
Leafglass glass studio has a wide variety of productions. From wood, Glass and other accessories.
At Leaf we do a range of  items for wholesalers and distributors.
​​​​​​​ Prices that are direct from Factory. 

New:Pipe in a Box
Over 25 designs to Choose from . One high quality pipe and a Box. Customisation available 
"Finding right sourcing partner for your glass business can be tricky. At Leaf we innovate for you in our factories everyday."
Pack Deals for Satrt Ups and Retail Store. Take adavantage of our Pack offers
Custom Productions. Our Experienced Artists take care of customisations that your glass business needs
Factory Diret To your door. We are a one stop multi product wholesale company. From production to clearances to your door we take care all.
Leaf Enterprise
"We started in 1995 , and the customers that we started working  are still around .. now more than just customers ..customer loyalty is our top priority ."
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